Nora En Pure

Nora is a house music DJ and producer, often using nature-infused productions and sets.

A deep dive into the creative process

In this short documentary by Beatport, Nora gives an insight into her creative processes and what inspires her.

Katie Bain's 20 Questions

Katie Bain from Billboard asks Nora 20 questions in this written interview.

From Purified to Coachella 2019

In this 2019 Coachella interview Nora talks about her music style, her love of nature, and life.

Miami New Times, with Grant Albert

Grant talks with Nora En Pure about her upcoming release Monsoon. Monsoon will release on January 29, 2021 on Enormous Tunes. Brian Baker Interview

Brian asks Nora about performing internationally, and why she likes playing the Americas.

CULTR's Oliver Tyron Interview

Oliver and Nora talk track names, time mangement, visiting Australia, and more.

Erik Larson at EDMIDENTITY

In this interview on May 19, 2019, Nora chats about the Swiss music scene, playing sets at sunset, and the unexpected influence of Netflix in her productions.

AIRBEAT ONE Festival 2019

Nora talks about playing in Germany and her love of the country. 

Caleb Lau at THEDJLIST 2018

Caleb from San Francisco talks with Nora En Pure about "Tears In Your Eyes" and the year ahead.

AIRBEAT ONE Festival 2018

Airbeat One’s 2018 interview with Nora talks about the highlights of the festival she performed at in in Germany.

PROMO ONLY talks to Nora in Miami

Backstage at the SiriusXM Lounge, Miami Music Week 2016.

Mike Mettler digitaltrends Interview 2016

During a break in her overseas touring schedule, Nora connected with Digital Trends to discuss the elements of her 2015 hit 'Saltwater'.

Egg London Interview 2016

A 2016 interview at an Egg London event, with Nora and Jonas Blue of ‘Fast Car’ fame.

Nora Interview on DJTimesTV

Nora discusses Production, the resurgence of deep house and her signature sounds.